Double Diamond - Beyond Product

In this post, we will explore how the Double Diamond design thinking framework can be applied to situations that are not product related and how the use of this framework can help us tackle challenges in our personal lives.

Quick Definitions:

Double Diamond: The framework is a nonlinear approach made up of four stages — discover, define, develop, and deliver that problem-solvers can navigate back and forth between to reach a solution.


Double Diamond is used by product designers, product managers, and business leaders to solve problems and develop innovative solutions. Double Diamond’s divergent and convergent thinking approach provides a structured and human-centered approach to problem-solving and innovation. It helps to ensure that all aspects of a problem are considered, that solutions are developed with the user in mind, and that those solutions are creative, innovative, and user-friendly.


Double Diamond uses four core steps to guide a user from a challenge to a solution:

  • Discover: This stage is about understanding the challenge. This involves conducting user research, gathering data, and analyzing insights to identify the root cause of the challenge and the needs and wants of the people who are affected by it.
  • Define: Once a user has a good understanding of the challenge, they can begin to define it more specifically. This involves developing a clear and concise problem statement that articulates the problem.
  • Develop: This is where the user starts to generate and test potential solutions. This is a creative and iterative process that involves brainstorming a wide range of ideas, developing prototypes, and conducting user testing to gather feedback and refine the solution design.
  • Deliver: Once a solution is identified, it has to be communicated to the stakeholders and then developed and shipped after alignment and sign-off.

Beyond Product:

While the Double Diamond approach is usually linked with product and business, it is a versatile framework that can be applied to a wide range of challenges, from improving your relationships to finding a new career path. Let’s see if this can hold true for a personal scenario.


You and your significant other were seemingly having a good day when you noticed that they felt irritated and upset and pretty soon didn’t want to talk to you.

Implementation of Double Diamond:

Using the Double Diamond’s four D’s, we’ll now attempt to see what went wrong and how you can get things back to normal. Here’s how a sample implementation would look like:

Double Diamond


Using the Double Diamond framework helped you understand the situation and find a solution quickly and effectively. You were able to identify the root cause of the challenge and develop a solution that was validated by your significant other and also worked for both of you.


  • Double Diamond is an effective approach in moving from challenge to value adding solutions.
  • This approach can be extrapolated beyond product and business.
  • When tackling daily life challenges, you don’t have to take off your design/product hat.