Featured projects that I have led

I have worked on several impact creating projects over the years but these are the ones that I am the most proud of. All of these have and are contunuing to impact lives of people at scale and contribute to the collective betterment of the ecosystem.

  • PxD: Weather Advisory Tool

    A web-based weather advisory and forecast system to provide custom advisories about weather patterns and farming advice. The platform was capable of launching text campaigns and generating automated calls in multiple local languages using Text to Speech conversion services.

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  • Infant Feeding

    A mobile application designed to empower Lady Health Workers (LHWs) to deliver reliable healthcare information and support to expecting and lactating mothers. LHWs can easily register patients, maintain detailed patient records, and apply integrated clinical algorithms for accurate diagnosis.

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  • MICare

    An offline first suite of applications designed to deliver nutritional and health products to expecting and lactating mothers. The platform manages patient profiles, sales and visit data, and generates comprehensive metrics for all involved stakeholders.

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  • MISchool

    School Management software application designed to transform operations and management processes and targets low-cost private, primary and secondary government schools in Pakistan.


  • Case Study: i2c API Portal

    A centralized, real-time online portal to replace a 2000-page PDF and manual document updates, improving efficiency, collaboration, and client satisfaction.

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